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3.2006 13 Codes for Final Assessment Final Interpretation assessment code Honours Degree programmes All other programmes A 1st Class Hons Pass with distinction B 2nd Class (Division 1) Hons Pass with credit C 2nd Class (Division 2) Hons —- D

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an Honours degree programme has a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or more, but his Weighted GPA is less than 2.0, he may be considered for a Pass-without-Honours classification. 26.6 The following is a set of indicators, for Board of Examinersused in

21/4/2005 · (1) first-class honours(簡稱 first) (2) second-class honours Division I(簡稱 two-one) (3) second-class honours Division II(簡稱two-two) (4) third-class honours(簡稱 third) 2. 普通學位 (ordinary degree) 通常是成績未達honours degree的標準, 而被降級至 ordinary

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Students on Nottingham Trent Univeristy’s BA (Hons) Photography course got their results yesterday. I got a 2:1. For those of you unfamiliar with the university marking system, a 2:1 is essentially the same as a ‘B’ on the ‘A-F’ scale. The system works as follows

The percentage of candidates who achieve upper second-class honours can vary widely by degree subject, as well as by university. Lower second-class honours This is the lower division of second-class degrees and is abbreviated as ’2:2’ or ‘II.ii’ (pronounced ).

27/5/2019 · 一級榮譽 (First Class Honours / 1st Hon) . 二級甲等榮譽(Second Upper Class Honours / 2:1 Hon) . 二級乙等榮譽(Second Lower Class Honours / 2:2 Hon) . 三級榮譽 (Third Class Honours / 3rd Hon) 榮譽等級之評定標準:一般為在學期間的總成

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4/8/2019 · (WGPA係睇你個Program計Senior/Junior course既成績比例,有D係1:1,有D係4:1,除非你Program乜course成績既比重都一樣,否則唔可以計CGPA-當平均數咁計) Science係直接3.5就有First Hon, Social Sciences都係大約3.5, BA就可能3.3+都得

Honours Class II Division 1 (75-84): Work of very good quality in all aspects of research, scientific writing, and oral presentation, but showing lesser ability to organise information in a clear and concise manner, integrate information from range of sources and

6/4/2016 · 問:英國高校所謂的一等學位和2:1學位究竟是什麼意思? 答:在英國院校的官方網頁的「Entry requirements」一欄中,常常看到對本科成績「First honours degree」或「Upper-second class degree」要求。 英國學校對成績的評判標凖和中國不太

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题目 a first class degeree和a first degree 前面加上 good 或者honours又有什么不同呢? 英国硕士申请的问题,那些大学对成绩的要求名目繁多,这些不同的名目具体对应国内的均分是多少呢? 还有upper second class degree 和lower second class degree又怎么解释?

Second-class honours, lower division (2.2): usually, the average overall score of 50%+ Third-class honours (3rd): usually, the average overall score of 40%+ Ordinary degree (pass): A degree without an honors classification Typically, a Master’s programme will need you have at the very least a Second-class honours, lower division (2.2), sometimes called a lower second class honours.

问题一:英国大学的硕士专业要求里:A minimum upper second class honours degree, or the equivalent,那个minimum upper second class honour degree什么意思?Applicants should have a good first degree (minimum 2:1 or equivalent).这个good first degree又

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1、upper second-class Honours degree 意思是要求你达到二等一的荣誉学士学位。2、英国大学二等一学位意思是:对本科成绩的要求是2:1或者Upper-second class degree,即二等一级学位,也就是英国本科平均成绩60分以上。对应中国大学的成绩,意味着来自

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18/8/2018 · second lower class honours gpa range [email protected] 原始人 帖子 4 積分 304 註冊時間 2008-8-4 短消息 1 # 大 中 小 發表於 2008-8-18 10:23 PM 只看該作者 分享 second lower class honours gpa range [隱藏] 請問second low grad gpa通常由幾多至幾多

No-disadvantage rule applied –>Award classification is Second Class Honors Division I Assessing academic standing based on CGA or SGA Similarly, in cases of academic probation and dismissal, when the student’s CGA fall below the required threshold, their SGA will also be calculated and the most favorable calculation (either CGA or SGA) will be used.

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≥70 Honours Class 2, Division 1 ≥65 Honours Class 2, Division 2 where the Faculty WAM is calculated to one decimal place, and the award is subject to the following additional conditions: Program 3707 BE (Hons) Program 3710 BE In the event of failure first

First honours Degree: 211 重点院校本科平均分 85 分以上,非 211 重点院校本科平均分要求 88 分到 90 分以 上了。 2.1 或者 Upper-second class degree:普通大学本科平均分在 78-80 分以上 2.2 或 Lower-second Class Degree :普通大学本科平均分在 70 分

First class honours (1st) 一等;分數在 70 以上 Second class honours, upper division (2:1) 二等一;分數在 60 至 69 Second class honours, lower division(2:2) 二等二;分數在 50 至 59 Third class honours (3rd) 三等;分數在 40 至 49 學位的等級取決於本科三年的

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e. The class of honours, or distinction, is determined according to the GPA, as follows: GPA 7.0 or higher First Class Honours, or Distinction GPA between 5.5 and 6.99 Second Class Honours, Division I GPA between 4.0 and 5.49 Second Class Honours

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1/1/2009 · first class honors是最好的吧?(1:1?) Second class honors division two 是通常说的2:2 ?second class honors division one是通常说的2:1? 回复 同意! 看一下! Mark一下! 举报 lmrray 楼主 | 发表于 2009-1-1 01:50:00 | 显示全部楼层 请指导一下吧

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Second class Honours, first division – student will have shown a command of the theory and practice of the discipline. They will have demonstrated their ability to conduct work at an independent level and complete tasks in a timely manner, and have an adequate

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Schedule overview 1 Purpose 2 Scope 3 Schedule 4 References 5 Schedule Information 1 Purpose To provide a standard approach to the grading of honours throughout the University, both through embedded honours, and the additional year honours programs. 2

22/8/2004 · 英国大学博士入学要求中的申请人应有1st or 2.1 honours degree 是指什么水平?如能换算成GPA,2.1 honours degree 相当于我国平均成绩多少分?谢谢,谢谢。 1st or 2.1 honours degree 是指什么水平? ,寄托家园留学论坛

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Diskussion ‘Upper Second Class Honours = dt. Bachelor mit 1,x ?’ Hallo, ich hätt da mal noch eine Frage: 70%+ bedeutet bei uns ja 2,7, zumindest in Leipzig. Wird das dann aber auch so gewertet? Denn man hätte ja ab da in Großbritannien schon ein First

An upper second degree (2:1) is basically an average of all your marks that falls between 60 and 69 out of 100. A first class degree (1:1) is 70 + and lower second between 50-59 (2:2) and a third is usually somewhere between 40-49 (though in some uni’s 45-49

1/2/2011 · Hi everyone, I just have a quick question about second class Honours in Victoria, Australia. I recently completed Honours in November 2010 and received a final mark of 74/100. A mark of 74 is classed as upper second class Honours and is a Distinction. I felt happy

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Second Class (Division II) Honours 2.50-2.99 Pass 2.00-2.69 2.00-2.66 Third Class Honours 2.20-2.49 Pass 2.00-2.19 In the case of a Pass, the General Degree with a Pass will be awarded. In all cases of classification / designation of , the cGPAs* cited

A second-class honors degree is part of the British undergraduate degree classification system that marks various levels of student achievement. The British undergraduate degree classification uses a scale system to categorize different grade point averages

26/9/2013 · Depends on the Uni, think they’re all a bit different. But here’s an example: (1) First Class Honours. Awarded to students in a Degree with Honours or an Honours Degree who have achieved results between 85-100% (2) Second Class Honours, Division A. Awarded to

First Class honours are awarded to those obtaining a Honours GPA 7.0 or higher. Second Class First Division to GPA of 5.5 – 6.9. Second Class Second Bachelor of Science BSc(Hons) The Bachelor of Science (Honours) (BSc(Hons)) programme involves

Honours classification There are four honours classifications: First Class Honours. Awarded to students in a Degree with Honours or an Honours Degree who have achieved results between 85-100% (or minimum WGPA 6.00). Second Class Honours, Division A

Upper Second-Class Honours (60% to 70) – also known as a 2:1 (pronounced as two one) For some time now this has been the most common degree grade awarded in the UK. The majority of employers looking to recruit graduates will be looking for candidates to have this level of degree classification, therefore in a way it’s a benchmark.

The upper second-class honours degree is a classification in the United Kingdom’s university undergraduate degree structure. Degrees are awarded with or without honours, thereby distinguishing the achievements of graduates. Almost all graduates sit for honours

2/7/2010 · Best Answer: Hi Ben J, A 2:1 degree roughly translates into a B Average in the US. It means, most but not all, universities will be open to you for application. The ones that are most likely to reject your application would be Ivy and near Ivy League schools.

top * The Canadian grading system is similar to the US system, with letter grades for courses and the Grade Point Average (GPA) system used for overall grades. ** The South African grading system is the same as the UK system. Tips about grades The grades