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5/9/2019 · Cambridge Dictionary Labs中如何使用“parenchymal”的例句 Currently heart-lung transplantation is reserved for patients with pulmonary hypertension or pulmonary parenchymal disease combined with either poor myocardial function, significant valvular pathology


parenchymal \pa*ren”chy*mal\, a. Of, pertaining to, or consisting of, parenchyma. [1913 Webster] Parenchymatous 線上英漢字典/中文 拼音/計算機 Chinese-English Dictionary / Calculator Enter chinese/english word(s), Taiwan address or math. expression : 、

The brain parenchyma refers to the functional tissue in the brain that is made up of the two types of brain cell, neurons and glial cells. Damage or trauma to the brain parenchyma often results in a loss of cognitive ability or even death. Bleeding into the.

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pancreas的中文翻譯,pancreas是什麼意思,怎麽用漢語翻譯pancreas,pancreas的中文意思,pancreas的中文,pancreas in Chinese,pancreas怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

5/6/2008 · 腹部超音波 Normal size and echogenicity of the liver parenchyma No abnormal hepatic lesion identified The gall bladder is well distended with smooth wall The CBC .IHDs and portal vein are of normal caliber No evidence of dilatation The pancreas and spleen are

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Cck activates mapk in pancreatic acinar cells 在胰腺腺泡細胞cck可激活mapk 。 Study of emodin on pancreatic acinar cell apoptosis at early stage of acute pancreatitis in rats 大黃誘導急性胰腺炎大鼠早期腺泡細胞凋亡的研究 Here is a normal pancreatic islet of

Parenchyma is the functional part of an organ (while stroma is the supporting tissue). Echogenicity means ability to produce an echo. So parenchymal echogenicity means the ability of the functional part of an organ to produce an echo (for ultrasound examination for

6/2/2010 · 請教各位有照過腹部超音波的朋友.因為B.C肝帶原.原本幫我照的醫生已經離職了.結果這次的醫生是一位超級年輕的新手.照到一半他叫我再深呼吸一下.他說第二根第三根肋骨的部分看不清楚.這時候他立刻去找另一位醫生來看.結果兩個人確竊竊私語

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7/11/2014 · 因為B肝及脂肪肝而去做了定期追蹤,照腹部超音波的時候,醫生講的話我沒有完全聽清楚,當時卻又忘記問,我只記得醫生跟我說有輕度的脂肪肝,以及抽血檢驗的結果而已。事後申請了檢驗報告,醫院只出英文報告,沒有中文的解釋,以有限的英文

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of the liver的中文意思:肝良性腺瘤,查阅benign parenchymal tumors of the liver的详细中文 ovine and caprine theileriasis 中文, benign ovine rickettsiosis 中文, benign ovrian fibroma 中文, benign pancreatic 中文, benign papular acantholytic 中文

26/3/2019 · Cambridge Dictionary Labs からの文の中での “parenchymal” の使い方の例 例文に含まれる意見はCambridge Dictionary の編集者または Cambridge University Press とその使用許可を得ている会社などの意見を表わすものではありません。

胰臟癌 Pancreatic Cancer 文 / 馮揚毅, 陳敬智. 黃逸群. 陳珈妤 定義: 胰臟的腫瘤可分為內分泌( endocrine )及外分泌( exocrine ),其中有 95% 是屬於外分泌性腫瘤(本篇主要討論的重點),為預後極差的癌症之一。流行病學:

When an ultrasound is done, sound waves are bounced off organs and turned into an image. The way they bounce back those waves tell us about the density of them and their internal structure. For example, when I ultrasound an abdomen, I may find a b

parenchyma a tissue composed of parenchyma cells which are thin-walled ‘general purpose’ plant cells that often have a packing function. Parenchyma cells remain alive at maturity and can become meristematic, as in INTERFASCICULAR CAMBIUM (see SECONDARY THICKENING

The liver is an organ only found in vertebrates which detoxifies various metabolites, synthesizes proteins and produces biochemicals necessary for digestion.[2][3][4] In humans, it is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, below the diaphragm. Its other roles in metabolism include the regulation of glycogen storage

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Cck activates mapk in pancreatic acinar cells 在胰腺腺泡细胞cck可激活mapk 。 Study of emodin on pancreatic acinar cell apoptosis at early stage of acute pancreatitis in rats 大黄诱导急性胰腺炎大鼠早期腺泡细胞凋亡的研究 Here is a normal pancreatic islet of

Recurrent attacks of acute pancreatitis and causes continuing destruction of the pancreatic parenchyma The findings of fluid collections and edema are frequent in patients with what pathology? severe acute pancreatitis Chapter 12 – Pathology of the Pancreas

Pancreatic lipomatosis refers to the fatty replacement of pancreatic parenchyma. This finding is most often associated with obesity and aging. It tends to be the commonest pathological condition involving the pancreas. The condition may occasio

Symptoms and signs of liver disease 54Acute liver failure 58Cirrhosis 62Liver disease severity 64Portal hypertension 66Oesophageal varices 70Ascites 72Alcohol-related liver disease 74Viral hepatitis 76Primary sclerosing cholangitis 78Autoimmune hepatitis

Genetic factor is also a cause of renal parenchymal disease, and polycystic kidney disease is the typical example. What’s more, autoimmune disorder is also a major reason of renal parenchymal disease, such as lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis, IgA Back top

localized collections of necrotic hemorrhagic material rich in pancreatic enzymes. accounts fo 75% of pancreatic cysts. arise after episode of acute pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas with irreversible destruction of exocrine parenchyma, fibrosis and in

21/3/2007 · AIM: To study the patients with main pancreatic duct dilation on computed tomography (CT) and thereby to provide the predictive criteria to identify patients at high risk of significant diseases, such as pancreatic cancer, and to avoid unnecessary work up for patients at low risk of such diseases

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Parenchymal liver disease affects the actual liver cells directly instead of those of supporting tissue, such as the bile ducts. According to, the word “parenchymal” is an anatomical term that refers to the “specific tissue of an animal organ.” According

Conclusion Pancreatic phase of dynamic bolus enhanced scanning of pancreas with MSCT was optimal temporal window in reflecting enhancement degree of pancreatic parenchyma, and had an advantage in finding out the lesions of pancreatic carcinoma than

【Pancreatic lesion】的中文译词:胰腺占位性病变; 胰腺占位病变; 【Pancreatic lesion】的相关专业术语翻译:pancreatic head benign lesion 胰头部良性病变; mass lesion on pancreatic head 胰头肿块; Pancreatic stone protein 胰石蛋白; pancreatic perfusion 胰腺灌

Computed tomography of a 36-year-old man who sustained a blunt abdominal trauma in a motor vehicle accident disclosed a large amount of fluid in the cavity of the lesser sac, as well as a laceration of the pancreatic parenchyma at the pancreatic neck.

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Objective:To assess the value of MRI in the diagnosis of pancreatic insulinoma.Methods:The MRI materials of 43 cases with surgery and pathology proved pancreatic insulinoma were analyzed retrospectively.The apparent diffusion coefficient(ADC) values of the

Urine amylase, NO generation, and histological examination were examined. RESULTS:Injection of PVP-plasmid mixture directly into the pancreatic parenchyma increased urine amylase concentration 16 h after operation and reversed it to nearly normal 36 h

2/1/2017 · Pancreatic cancer is currently one of the deadliest of the solid malignancies. However, surgery to resect neoplasms of the pancreas is safer and less invasive than ever, novel drug combinations have been shown to improve survival, advances in radiation therapy have resulted in

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28/5/2009 · There is no pancreatic mass or pancreatic ductal dilatation identified. The adrenals are normal in appearance without limb thickening or nodule formation. There are multiple cysts in both kidneys, the largest one in lower pole of right kidney measures 8.28×9.53×8.71cm in size. no definite intra-cystic solid enhancing lesion noted.

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04/09/2018 1 Pancreatic Cancer: The ABCs of the AJCC and WHO Aatur D. Singhi, MD PhD Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Department of Pathology [email protected] Objectives •Case presentation •Discuss pancreatic cancer and

Pancreatography showed the main pancreatic duct as well as thesecondary pancreatic duct that drained the remaining dorsal pancreas, allowing us to diagnose bifid pancreatic duct. The pancreaticojejunostomy was performed in an end-to-side manner to create double duct-to-mucosa anastomoses and to approximate the pancreatic parenchyma and jejunal seromuscular layers.

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A hyperechoic liver lesion on ultrasound can arise from a number of entities, both benign and malignant. A benign hepatic hemangioma is the most common entity encountered, but in patients with atypical findings or risk for malignancy, other entit

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中文題目:實性假乳突狀瘤併有組織學上侵犯:一種少見的胰臟腫瘤 英文題目:Malignant solid pseudopapillary neoplasm with histological lymph/vascular/ perineural invasion in a young female : A rare pancreatic tumor 作者:王宿鴻 1, 郭行道