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If the required fee is paid by cheque, the cheque should be crossed and made in Hong Kong Dollars payable to ‘Companies Registry’. Please do not send cash. Before you deliver the specified forms in hard copy form, please refer to Delivery of Documents in Hard Copy Form to Companies Registry for Registration (pdf format) and the filing tips for reference.

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表格 公司編號Company Number Form ND2A 3 委任公司秘書/董事 (自然人) Appointment of Company Secretary/Director (Natural Person) (如委任超過一名自然人為公司秘書/董事,請用續頁B 填報Use Continuation Sheet B if more than 1 natural person is

公司註冊處處長已指明由2014年3月3日起83款在《公司條例》(第622章)下開始使用的表格,以及9款在《公司(清盤及雜項條文)條例》(第32章)下開始使用的表格。 以中文MS Word 2003格式及可輸入資料的Adobe pdf格式製備的指明表格,可從本欄下載。

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公 司 註 冊 處 Companies Registry 更改公司秘書及董事通知書(委任/停任) Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director (Appointment/Cessation) 表格 Form ND2A 公司編號 Company Number 1 公司名稱 Company Name 2 公司秘書/董事的停任Cessation

註冊非香港公司不再在香港設有營業地點通知書 (Adobe PDF),COR-F093 ,NN13 ,Notice of Cessation of Place of Business in Hong Kong of Registered Non-Hong Kong Company ,Notice of Cessation of Place of Business in Hong Kong of Registered Non-Hong Kong

e-Forms The following online e-forms for company incorporation are provided for you to import the data already filled in the old version of the e-forms downloaded for offline submission prior to the release of the following current version. Please refer to the E-Form Data

注册非香港公司变更法团名称申报表 (Adobe PDF),COR-F090 ,NN10 ,Return of Alternation of Corporation Name of Registered Non-Hong Kong Company ,Return of Alteration of Corporation Name of Registered Non-Hong Kong Company ,註冊非香港公司變更法團名稱

香港海關 表格名稱及編號 語言 表格 說明 電話及電郵 申報書–提交供評估稅項之文件(酒類專用) (CED129) 3759 2509 應 課 稅 品 代 號 申 請 模 板 – 雪 茄 (N/A) 3759 2507 應 課 稅 品 代 號 申 請 模 板 – 香 煙

You can find commonly used form related Hong Kong company formation and incorporation, and annual return, tax return, renewal and maintenance as follows: Form Number Description of Form Microsoft Word file Fillable PDF file Speciment Incorporation of Hong

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中文姓名 Name in Ch 9 更改公司秘書及董事通知書 (委任/停任) Notice of Change of Company Secretary and 公司註冊處 Director (Appointment/Cessation) Companies Registry 表格 Form Specimen ND2A 公司編號 Company Number 8888888 1 公司名稱 Company Name

Companies Registry Type of Service : Specified Forms under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) – Directors and Company Secretary Form title & Form no. Language Form Details Tel & E-mail Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director (Appointment

香港文化博物館 – 團體參觀及導賞服務申請表格 (Adobe PDF),LCS-F185 ,LCS185 ,香港文化博物館 – 團體參觀及導賞服務申請表格 ,Hong Kong Heritage Museum – Application Form For Group Visit and Guided Tour Services ,香港文化博物館 – 團體參觀及導賞服務

Form title & Form no. Language Form Details Tel & E-mail Consent to Act as First Director (NNC3) 2867 2587 Type of Service : Specified Forms under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) – Registered Non-Hong Kong Companies Form title & Form no. Form

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complete form IRC3111A to notify the Business Registration Office of the change. IRC3111A also allows you to amend the postal address of the related Employer’s Return file and / or Profits Tax file of the business to the new business address reported thereon.

会社設立申請書(Form NNC1)についての詳細内容をご確認いただけます。その他、会社設立(法人設立)に関するご不明な点は香港会社設立の情報詳細とページをご覧ください。香港会社設立の詳細ページで解決しない場合は香港BSまでお問合せ

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STANDARD FORM OF TRANSFER 轉轉轉轉 讓讓讓讓 頟頟頟頟 To be completed in every detail and in block capitals 請詳細填寫並用正楷填寫 Space for Stamping 轉讓頟厘印 Name of Company 公 司 名 稱 Type of Securities 證 券 類 別 Stock Code

「註冊易」 – 新版e-Form Filler 「註冊易」已於2018年12月23日推出新版e-Form Filler(「新e-Form Filler」)。新e-Form Filler不需在Java SE Runtime Environment下使用。請下載及安裝新e-Form Filler以便進行網上提交及離線修改、簽署及提交電子表格和文件。

A Hong Kong company is required to appoint a company secretary according to the Companies Ordinance. Prism Consultancy has always been providing company secretary service The ND2A Form – Notice of Change of Company Secretary ND2A is the first

主頁 最新消息 關於本局 負責執行的條例 抱負,使命及信念 稅務局組織圖 稅收概況 服務承諾 納稅人約章 年度開放數據計劃 開支預算提問回覆 職系簡介 刊物及新聞公報 事先裁定個案 年報 釋義及執行指引 稅務

一般資料 一般資料 表格號碼 表格名稱 表格 電郵地址 IR 1241 留言表 [email protected] IR 1249 通訊地址變更通知書 [email protected] IR 1408 更緊密經貿關係安排 – 申請索取稅務文件副本表格 [email protected] IR 6104 申請「稅務編號」及 / 或「啟動

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– 2 – TID 91A (Aug 2019) Part II : Undertaking 第二部分: 保證書 I, signing for and on behalf of the ompany/c registered business as registered in Part I, declare to the best of my knowledge andbelief, that the information given in this form is true and correct.

特區政府架構繁複,服務範疇眾多,因此亦衍生出為特定服務而設計的表格。從政府表格網[連結]所見,共刊載了2409 款表格,可供市民下載使用,以便向相關政府部門提交,以便辦理各種各樣的服務。由於資料眾多,本網謹引用有關表格如下以作參考。

關於監管局 關於監管局 里程碑 抱負及使命 監管局成員 委員會及小組 組織架構 機構短片 機構管治 服務承諾 私隱政策聲明 「地產代理監管局公開講座:改建有風險 租買要留神」片段回顧 EAA’s Seminar “Be alert when renting or purchasing properties with

香港公司开户需要.nar1,nnc1,nd2a是什么意思 香港公司nar1是什么文件 香港公司 NNC1 (正本 + 副本)指的是什么? 请问香港公司NNC1副本是什么? 香港公司商业登记证上法律地位为body corporate是什么意思? 香港公司挂水牌是什么意思?年审是一定要吗?

Announcements (Updated on 22 January 2017) Welcome to use the electronic filing service provided by the Companies Registry. A full scale electronic filing service covering 84 specified forms is available at the e-Registry portal. You may deliver specified forms and

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natural person as director by e-Form ND2A, that person must be an Individual User of the e-Registry or has registered the appointment of his/her RA with the Companies Registry. The full name and Hong Kong identity card/passport number of the newly

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For upcoming CPD courses, course description, enrollment form and admission status, please visit the section “Education / CPD Course” of our website: www.piba.org.hk To apply for our CPD courses, please complete the enrollment form and append

登入「稅務易」帳戶及簡介 「稅務易」是稅務局電子服務的平台,為你提供一個簡易、安全又環保的渠道,讓你遵守稅務規定。「稅務易」帳戶持有人可使用多項簡便易用的電子服務,便利地履行其稅務責任。

(新聞公報 – 2019年10月24日) 立法會:財經事務及庫務局局長動議恢復二讀辯論《2019年稅務(修訂)(稅務寬免)

紙本文件可於繳費後的下 1 個工作天的上午 11 時後寄出或領取。電子紀錄形式的商業登記複本可於成功申請後的下一天上午10時後從香港政府一站通下載。 有關商業登記證核證副本或複本的更多詳情,請參閱。

請勿填寫本欄 For Official Use Please provide the Hong Kong Identity Card number or passport number (as appropriate). If these particulars have not yet been reported to the Companies Registry (CR), please report the change by completing a Form ND2B. If the

Latest Update : 10 October 2018

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1. The duly completed application form and the supporting documents shall be returned either in person or by post to the Textiles Trader Registration Officeat 14/F, Trade and Industry Tower, 3 Concorde Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong, or via the Department’s

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Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iraq Ireland Islamic Republic of Iran Isle of Man Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jersey Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kuwait ND2A Form Fields: Required in XML Data File (Y= required / N = Not required / D = Dependent)

Application form for inclusion in the GLD Supplier Lists (Adobe PDF),GLD-F002 ,GLD(ProD)26 ,Application Form for Inclusion in the Government Logistics Department Supplier Lists ,Application form for inclusion in the GLD Supplier Lists ,政府物流服務署供應商登記申

20/1/2018 · Thanks a lot accounthell. 識入form ND2A及ND4是因為有朋友教路要點做, 另外已經交番比秘書公司filing. 因為只是個人的有限公司, 所以知道文件野可以後補或者可能是optional. 只是有聽人教話要整resolution, 所以有點不太了解, 現在清楚了.


由於公司註冊處嚴格審核對於所有公司地址是否違反香港法例622B章即《公司(披露公司名稱及是否有限公司)規例》,違反者於法庭定罪可非處罰最高港幣 10,000 元。於 2018 年 11 月 14 日的東區法院紀錄,曾有公司被處罰港幣 10,000 元的罰款。

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(如屬董事)新獲授權簽署證書人士的更改公司秘書及董事通知書(委任/停任)(“ND2A表格”)副本。(For directors) Copy of Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director (Appointment/Cessation) (“Form ND2A”) of the new authorized signatory.

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