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Home » 文法問答 – 字彙 » Q: amount, number 和 quantity 的用法有何不同呢? 下面三句都講得通嗎? 1. A large amount of chickens were infected with the H5N1 strain of the bird flu. 2. A large number of chickens were infected with the H5N1 strain of the bird flu.

數量的英文翻譯,數量英文怎麽說,怎麽用英語翻譯數量,數量的英文意思,数量的英文,数量 meaning in English,數量怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供

The package number and quantity are identical with each other.包裝號与商品數量相吻合﹛ Quantity matters as much as quality of price, doesn’t it?數量和价格﹛質量一樣重要,是嗎? They always buy in large quantities.他們總是大量購買﹛ Useful quantities have

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在學英文時,常常會把a number of、the number of、numbers of搞混,後面要加的 動詞 到底是根據單數還是複數。而這三個都是要加 複數可數名詞 (下面以Ns為代號)。

數量少英文翻譯:lack in number,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋數量少英文怎麽說,怎麽用英語翻譯數量少,數量少的英語例句用法和解釋。

“number of cases number of boxes” 中文翻譯 : 箱子的數量 “number of cases,number of boxes” “in English the subject and the verb must agree in number” a numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification; “she refused to give them her Social

抽樣數量英文翻譯:number of sampling,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋抽樣數量英文怎麽說,怎麽用英語翻譯抽樣數量,抽樣數量的英語例句用法和解釋。

包裝種類及數量英文翻譯:number and type of packages,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋包裝種類及數量英文怎麽說,怎麽用英語翻譯包裝種類及數量,包裝種類及數量的英語

quantity數量:The minimum quantity of an order for the goods is 500 cases. description of goods貨名 name and specifications of commodity品名及規格 type類型 mode (term)of trade貿易方式 name of trading country貿易國 date of importation進口日期 value價值

* 英文、數字、空格以及半形符號為”1″個字符,中文和全形符號為”2″個字符。 日常使用的「表情」符號與圖案,讓貼文者表達不同情感,究竟會有多少人知道其中的含意。 點此看

27/10/2019 · number翻譯:符號, 數字, 號碼;號, 電話號碼, 數量, 數目;總數, 一群人, 某個事物, (雜誌的)期,號, (令人欣賞的)衣服,(尤指)連衣裙, 具有特徵的人, 短曲;短歌, 常說

Many translated example sentences containing “數量” – English-Chinese dictionary and search engine for English translations. 出售的產品的定價條款將根據正常商業條款釐定,或有關條款不遜於合營公司可 向獨立第三方提供或取得的條款,並已考 慮 數量 、 條

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The result indicates that the number of piriform gland spigot and aciniform gland spigot, with or without nubbin and cylindrical gland spigot, the number of cylindrical gland spigots, etc. are different in the three families. the trichobothrial sockets of species are different

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但在中國大陸,「兆」代表的含義往往取決於語境:在作為計數數量,衡量數量的時候往往指「萬億」(10 12 ),如「中國電子訊息產業總收入達人民幣5.6兆元(萬億元)」;然而在作爲電腦相關單位名詞如網路流量、二進制資料長度單位時,「兆」則經常用於

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19/5/2009 · 為設計變更,商品會有兩款不同料號和數量, Due to the design have changed, the goods have two different parts number, and quantity. 請客戶分別下單 Please kindly place your order separate. 舊料號 912 PCS (24 PCS / CTN; 共38箱) OLD P/N.****, for 912

The word isoquant means “same quantity” . 等量的意思是“同一数量”。It was only a quantity of hot gas ! 它不过是一定数量的高温气体而已!The capital sunk in it is fabulous in amount . 投入的资金数量惊人。The earthworm population had declined by 70% .

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【number】 1.(修飾可數名詞的)數量 2. I want you to count the number of dogs in the park. 我要你數一數公園裡狗的數量。3. China has a large number of people who are studying English. 中國有為數眾多的人正在學英文。

2/12/2007 · The total number of students in this school is (number). 人口才是population吧 人數沒有固定的叫法 要視乎情況

QUANTITY, pleading. That which is susceptible of measure. 2. It is a general rule that, when the declaration alleges an injury to goods and chattels, or any contract relating to them, their quantity should be stated. Gould on Pl. c. 4, Sec. 35. And in actions for

6/5/2014 · 印度智慧手機持有量今年有望達到4200萬部.The number of owner’s smartphone in India will be up to 4.2 million this year. 因為有海洋調劑氣候,天氣不會太熱.Because the ocean will affect the climate, the weather will not be too hot.

13/8/2008 · amount=分量 The amount of flour needed is 50 grams number=數字/數量 Number of people going to party quantity 數量[多數用於死物度] The quantity of lemon we need to buy is 2

21/10/2019 · Amount of, number of or quantity of ? – 當代英語語法 – 書面和口頭英語語法和用法的參考資料 – 劍橋線上詞典 Quantity is more formal than amount or number. A quantity of or quantities of can be followed by a countable noun or an uncountable noun. They are

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爱词霸在线词典,为您提供数量的英文翻译,数量的英语, 数量用英语怎么说,怎么用英语翻译数量,数量的英语例句用法和解释 小程序 清除 最新热词 历史记录 划译 划译 下载词霸Mac版 词霸APP神功能

Number NAR * Number of Articles NBB * Number of Bobbins NCL * Number of Cells NIU 國際單位 Number of International Units NMP * Number of Packs NPR 雙 (數量) Number of Pairs NPL * Number of Parcels NPT * Number of Parts NRL * Number of Rolls NUT

六角錐數系一個有形數,代表可以裝進六角錐里嘅物體數量,第 個六角錐數等於前 個六邊形數的和。 前幾個六角錐數系 1, 7, 22, 50, 95, 161, 252, 372, 525, 715, 946, 1222, 1547, 1925 (OEIS中嘅數列A002412) 第n個六角錐數為

六角錐數系一個有形數,代表可以裝進六角錐里嘅物體數量,第 個六角錐數等於前 個六邊形數的和。 前幾個六角錐數系 1, 7, 22, 50, 95, 161, 252, 372, 525, 715, 946, 1222, 1547, 1925 (OEIS中嘅數列A002412) 第n個六角錐數為

8/5/2015 · 發問者問 英文數量為何要用 hyphen? 不是問怎樣寫支票, 可用寫支票作例子. 題外: 你第一點應該是 compound nouns, 不是 compound words 第二點無例子怎樣變? ~ 名詞-其他字 = 字(adj) 謝謝知足常樂 ( 知識長 )給例子 第四點”節省這符號”不是好理由

The winter suiting consigned to us has been in less demand because it is out of season. we have been in trouble how to dispose it. a certain source of purchase, however, today offered to buy the whole remaining stock at 6 % discount. the quantity of the stock as of

還記得在剛在電子製造的公司上班時, 每天都被一堆的縮寫用語困惑, 所以開始記錄大家的信件, 會議中常出現的字詞, 成為我自己的”字典”, 在這邊複習一下, 也分享

Therefore, because the number of samples is less, but in order to successfully get orders, the printing surface treatment ( signs nameplate, etc. ) can not be lax, the usual choice of either silk screen, and pad printing or thermal transfer, but for a small number of

29/12/2008 · 1. exactly the same amount. (數量剛好) 2. numbers are just the right amount. (數量一模一樣) 3. numbers are right (數量正確 最簡單) 4. same amount as we promised (數量就跟我們約好一樣) 5. number just the same amount (數量剛好) 6. just on the same

抽樣數量 的英文 怎麼說 中文拼音 [chōu yàng shǔ liáng] 抽樣數量英文 number of sampling 抽: 動詞1 (把夾在中間的東西拉出; 提取) take out (from in between) 2 (從全部里取出一部分; 騰出

9/5/2005 · 各位英文高手,你們知道 發問有次數限制嗎?..英 文 要 如 何 翻 呀 Is there any limit on the number of questions? 0 0 0 還有問題?馬上發問,尋求解答。發問問題 發燒問題 發燒問題 they livin’ it up at the hotel請問這句動詞在那?living是形容詞,如果是

質數現在也被用在雜湊表與 偽亂數產生器 ( 英語 : Pseudo-random number generator ) 裡。 旋轉機被設計成在每個轉片上有不同數目的銷,在每個轉片上的銷的數量都會是質數,亦或是會與其他轉片上的銷的數量

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